About us

We Maria and Tina, both breeders of Maine Coon cats, spend a lot of time on international shows. Socialization of our kittens. Take care of our jobs, and spend time with family. In this project we have great help from our men Morten and Kent, as well as our mothers.

What is Cattoys by Stollesen & Stoltze?

For some time we have been talking about selling the toys that we make for our own kittens, and from this came the idea for this brand: Cattoys by Stollesen & Stoltze and webshop.

Most of our cat toys are handmade by Maria and Tina, see for example our teasers here or our cat toilet here .
We are always looking for new ideas, therefore some of our cat toys will be available for a limited time, and in different colors. There will be new toys that will be put up in the shop.

We will make sure to expand our range to all of you cat lovers.

You are always welcome to ask us if you are looking for something special and we will do everything we can to help.
We hope you and your cat enjoy our Cattoys and our website.

The best greetings

Maria & Tina

Visual description of Maria and Tina

Maria S. Josefsen Tina T. Stoltze